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it doesn't mean shit unless you take a risk

so i’d be sitting at my desk drawing right now were it not for the fact i’ve used it as a laundry dumping ground.

the worst part is, it’s right next to my closet.

i’m too lazy to put the clothes into my closet, but i’ll dump them on my desk like no tomorrow.


i’ll have to fold now.

so, this was my geometry class last year.
basically the entire class, right here. summed up in a picture.

so my little brother is on this “swag” kick right now and i managed to get a picture of him before he realized what i was doing omg im just so amused.

conveniently bluring out my old grades let’s not go there c:
not too shabby though.

kind of funny how my worst two finals are the only two still not grades…..

He literally just walked away after this lol oops sorry dad
who are you talking to?
what about?
nothing really. 
then why are you talking to him still?
cause I like to. 
Normal conversation between my thirteen year old brother and I
Sarah, I love y-
Go fuck yourself.

god, i fucking love dorritos.

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ugh i’m just the best sister ever.

i wish i wasn’t so lazy.
if i wasn’t so lazy, i’d have a license.
if i had a license, i’d have a car.
if i had a car, i’d have a job.
if i had a job, i’d have money.
if i had money, i’d be able to shop more.

went to IP this weekend—i don’t want to move to tampa, but that was a seriously fucking nice mall. eventually gonna make michael go with me.

the only reason william and i get along, is how pathetic we get when it comes to matters of the heart.

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so much dental work in one day, I’m surprised I’m not writing in pain. Got a tooth extracted, and we’re going back tomorrow for a crown prep and fitting and refjnsdakjfnsd I’m pleased ok.

If he liked vagina I’d let him take me asdfghjkl. Favorite person 2k12.

I’m doing my brother’s fucking science fair project.


things to do on a thursday afternoon!
this was a whole lot of fun. i’m definitely doing it again!
most likely gonna rope michael into it next time. (: