it doesn't mean shit unless you take a risk

Je me languis d'être dans vos bras.

hey i'm sarah. i'm nineteen, and i'm afraid of jinxing how happy i am by bragging. i like all time low, doctor who, sherlock, supernatural, the avengers, arrested development, american horror story, pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, arctic monkeys, of mice and men, disney movies, art, bad movies, horror movies, movie nights, hot chocolate, and disposable cameras. i spend most of my time roleplaying, and playing civ 5. i'm helplessly poor, and yet i still can't get it through my thick skull. what can i say, i like to live life on the edge (of being evicted). you can just message me, i'm not going to bite. no intro necessary, i love to geek out.

mother fucker(s)